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  • Teacher/Photographer

Alyson Chambliss is a retired police officer of 18 years and has been volunteering as both a teacher and a photographer for the Davie Women’s Home since 2001. She credits her ability to communicate and teach life skills to the training she received while in law enforcement. Alyson’s relationship with Jesus Christ began when she was 10 years old and remembering her own share of struggles in the area of fatherhood, sexual abuse, and abandonment has given her a heart to help other women. She and her husband have been in church leadership since 1986. She’s nearly speechless when you ask her why she continues to sow into Teen Challenge. Through laughter she says, “Not to be selfish, but because it totally blesses me!” Alyson says she is tremendously blessed to witness the transformation that occurs in a life when it is totally yielded to the power and guidance of Jesus Christ.

"NO WARRANTY" LEGAL NOTICE: While independent outcomes studies have shown very high recovery rates for indiviuals in our programs, we cannot guarantee recovery for any particular individual. Recovery and future abstinence from addicting substances and the effects that such substances may have on the individual or their life, actions, or their future are entirely dependent on the individual and how well they apply the principles we have taught them. We are an educational institution, and how the individual in our program learns from what they are taught and modeled here, is totally up to them. Individuals who stay the full term (until graduation) have much better long-term recovery from addicitons than those who do not.


FLORIDA RESIDENTS: Please note that Adult & Teen Challenge Centers in Florida are not-for-profit religious institutions, not licensed medical facilities, nor do they accept insurance. Rates are very low compared to for-profit rehabs. Outcomes are based on multiple outcomes studies over the past 50 years, including this study from the National Institutes on Drug Abuse.

"NO WARRANTY" LEGAL NOTICE: While outcomes studies for Adult & Teen Challenge centers have historically shown high addiction and substance abuse recovery rates, they cannot guarantee addiction recovery for any particular individual. Recovery and future avoidance of addicting substances and whatever effects that such substance may have on the individual's life, their future, their career or their friends or relatives are entirely dependent on each individual and how they apply the principles they are taught in the program.